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My Story

I have been creating my healing journey for 8 years and have discovered many paths. I am a supportive easy-going facilitator who inspires people to take the steps needed to create change in their lives. I work in a gentle, considerate and genuine way to guide you to shift your energy and create more joy. I guide you to new ways of thinking, create less stress, grow your self empowerment, overcome your fears, remove blocks and create a new healthier life. I love working with people who are ready to create big shifts and open up space to invite more joy in their everyday life.

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My Approach

Everybody holds the key to their own healing, but sometimes the body needs a little help. That’s where my services come in. As an experienced Reiki Therapist, I work with you to restore your balance and find your center and calm your nervous system.

Soul Coaching is a self discover of finding out who you truly are. Minus our family and social believes. Why? to find our center our strength and in turn weakens our fears and anxieties. Discovering who we are creates the life you want.

Herbal Consults helps balance the body and puts you in control of your health.

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